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How to apply for Virginia Non-Resident CCW Permit

Request a Virginia CCW Package from Virginia State Police

You may request a CCW Package from Virginia State Police by clicking the "Learn More" link below. The Application Package will provide requirement and qualification information, a Virginia State Police fingerprint card, a return envelope for the completed application, and a checklist to ensure that all necessary information is provided.

This step is not necessary if you have already been fingerprinted in class and do not need a fingerprint card. You can view the below section to see the "Checklist" of everything else needed to optain your VA CCW Permit.

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Virginia CCW Checklist

What do you need to provide to obtain your VA CCW?

Click the "Learn More" link below to view a copy of the VA CCW Checklist.

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Virginia CCW Application

Download your VA CCW Application below

Click the "Learn More" link below to view, download and print your Application for a Virginia CCW Permit.

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Resident CCW Permit Page

For Virginia Residents

To view the Virginia State Police Resident CCW Page, click the "Learn More" link below.

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