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From simple scope mounts to restoring grand-dad's old shotgun, we've got you covered - contact us today!


Everything from Simple Gun Cleaning, Sight Installs, Parts, Repair & Replacement or Restorations, Custom Rifle Builds and Everything In-Between

Where do I take my gun for service?

Drop it off with us! If you're local to the Martinsburg, WV area, contact us to set up an appointment, or;

We work with local dealers in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia to make drop-off and pick-up easy and convenient. The shops we currently have partnerships with are below. Take your firearm to them, provide a description of the issue or work requested and they will take care of the rest!

25121 Ridge Rd.
Damascus, MD 20872
(240) 366-5628
694 N Loudoun St.
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 535-1212
1629 East, Bloomery Pike
Bloomery, WV 26817
(304) 845-2570


Please Note: On some occasions, pricing may vary based on the Make/ Model or age of your firearm. While some jobs on modern firearms can be pretty straight-forward, others are not. If the job cost will exceed from the posted priving below, we will contact you before proceeding with any work. In these occasions a "Price to Not Exceed" cap can be established by you, the customer, if desired.
General field strip & clean: $55
Clean & Inspect: $75
Complete disassembly and cleaning (down to the last pin & spring): $110
Inspect & Replace parts: Labor $55/ hour plus cost of parts & shipping
SXS Shotgun: Price varies on work desired
Cosmoline Removal - Rifle: $100
Cosmoline Removal - Pistol: $55
Cosmoline Removal - Revolver: $75
Labor (Smith/ Armorer work) : $55/ hour
Labor (machinist) : $100/ hour
Diagnostics: $50 (if no further work is completed)
Diagnostics: FREE If Repair or other work is completed
Complete inspection of parts: $55
Check Headspace: $100
Test Fire: $35 plus cost of ammunition 
See below for 1911 trigger work
Drop-In Trigger - Bolt Action: Prices vary for differend makes/ models - will quote up front
Drop-In Trigger - Pistol (excludes 1911): $35 Plus Parts
Drop-In Trigger - Revolver: $55 Plus Parts
Drop-In Trigger - AR-15: $35 Plus Parts
Drop-In Trigger - Other Firearm (Subject to hourly rate unless otherwise stated)
Non-Drop-In Trigger (Custom Work): Subject to hourly rate ($55/ hr.)
Install Semi-Drop-In Apex Barrel: $55
Install Gunsmith-Fit Apex Barrel: $100
Install new barrel - 1911: Quoted case-by-case
1911 - Fit Barrel Bushing: $75
1911 - Fit New Non-Ramped Barrel: $100
1911 - Fit New Ramped Barrel: $160
1911 - Fit New Bull/ Bushingless Barrel: $140
Polish Feed Ramp: Starting at $55
Open/ Modify Ejection Port: $55 (Refinish not included)
Cut & Crown Shotgun Barrel W/ Bead Install: $150
Cut & Crown Revolver Barrel: $100 (Drilling, Milling, Filing & Fitting and Parts Not Included)
Cut & Crown Rifle Barrel: $150 (No Threading)
Cut & Crown Rifle Barrel: $200 (W/ Threading)
Shotgun Bead - Install New: $55
Shotgun Bead - Replace: $75
Shotgun Bead - Install center bead: $100
Pin + Weld Flash Hider: $75 (Cut-Crown-Thread NOT Included) (Parts Not Included)
Install & Time/ Space Suppressor Mount/ Brake: $55 (Parts Not Included)
--(Cut Crown-Thread NOT Included)
AR-15/ AR-10
Pricing listed below DOES NOT include cost of parts
Muzzle Device Swap/ Install: $25 (If not pin & welded or RockSetted)
Muzzle Device Swap/ Install: $55 (If pin & welded or RockSetted)
Muzzle Device Cleaning/ Carbon Oxidation Removal: $35
Chamber Polish: $85
Handguard Install: $55
Handguard Leveling if already installed: $35
Trigger Swap/ Install: $35
Swap/ Install Safety: $35
Swap/ Install Pistol Grip: $25
Swap/ Install Barrel: $55 (excluding timing of special muzzle device)
Swap/ Install Buffer Tube: $35
Swap/ Install Gas Block: $35 (Unless removal and reinstall of specialty muzzle device is required)
Install & Bore Sight Holographic Type Optics: $25
Mount, Level & Bore Sight Magnified Optics & Scopes: $35
Maintenance Rebuild (Gas Rings, Tube, Extractor, Ejector & Springs): $150 (includes Parts)
Specialty Work Not Listed Above: $55 Per Hour - Assessed Per Job
Cost of Parts NOT Included
Mount & Bore Sight Holographic Optics: $25
Mount, Level, Bore Sight: $35
Install Sights - Pistol (Striker Fired) $35
Install Sights - Revolver: $55
Install Sights - 1911 Dovetail: $75
Install Sights - 1911 Post Style Front Sight: $110
Install Sights - Other: $35 Minimum (Subject to hourly rate if fitting/ specialty work required)
Manual Sight-In: $75 Plus cost of Ammunition
Drill & Tap Receiver for Optics: $150
Glass Bedding - Action Only: $100
Glass Bedding - Full Length: $150
Glass Bedding W/ Pillars: $200
Glass Bedding W/ Aluminum Bedding Block: $200
Fit Action to Wood/ Synthetic Stock: $55/ Hour Plus Bedding Costs
Install Cross Bolts: $100
Recoil Pad Standard - Fit & Install: $85
Recoil Pad Adjustable - Fit & Install: $110
Install Sling Swivel: $35 (each)
Repair Cracked Stock: $55 Per Hour (Assessed Per Job)
1911 WORK
Cost of Parts NOT Included
Trigger Install - Drop In: $35
Trigger Install - Fitted: $55
Trigger - Install Overtravel Screw: $55 (Includes Drill & Tap)
Hammer & Sear - Fit &Install: $55
Grip Safety - Fit & Install: $55
Beveled Magazine Well Install: $25 (Fitting of Grips Not Included)
Grips - Fit, Install & Contour (Over Certain Magazine Wells): $55
Sights - Fit & Install Dovetail F&R: $75
Sights - FIT & Install Dovetail Rear W/ Post Front: $110
Sights - Install Single Sight - Front or Rear: $55