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CLICK HERE For Full List of Rules, Regulations & Event Policies

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DS Gunworks is proud to host the first-of-its-kind “Gamblers Steel Match” at 10-X Freedom Range in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

What is "The Gambler's Steel Match?" A western style dueling concept with an inspiration from gambling in order to win and lose points, the Gambler’s Steel Match is sure to get your blood flowing with adrenaline-pumping speed shooting games that shooters of all skill levels can compete in!

How does the match work? Step right up, folks! No actual gambling experience is needed! Up to 50 shooters will be paired up at random throughout the day and will wager their tickets in order to compete in one of two different games, “Five Plate Stud” or “Quick Draw Blackjack.” With your registration, competitors will be issued 20 white tickets to use as a form of poker chip to wager at a price of one ticket per game.

The winning competitors of each duel will be awarded two red tickets per win and one extra red ticket paid out by the house for each bonus point earned through a demonstration of skill during each duel. Losing competitors of each duel receive nothing in return. If you wager all of your white tickets, I sure hope you won a few rounds! Gamble with your red tickets and try to end up on top!

What are the two games? 
We’ll start this off with Five Plate Stud
A game pitting two competitors against each other in a multi-target duel to see who can hit all of their steel plates before the other guy! On the shot timer, both shooters will begin shooting their own targets simultaneously. Five hanging steel targets and one falling popper.
–You gotta hit all five hanging plates before you can engage your falling popper.
–Hitting the falling popper target before hitting all hanging plates is an automatic loss and the win will default to the other competitor.

There’s no gimmick here, folks! Falling popper targets are set to overlap when they fall so even if both competitors hit their plates nearly at the same time, whoever is on the bottom will be declared the winner.

Now, competitors also have the opportunity here to earn some bonus tickets! But ONLY AFTER hitting all five hanging plates and ONLY BEFORE hitting their falling popper target.
–If a competitor completes a reload, either by necessity or optionally, they will earn an extra ticket.
–If a competitor successfully scores a hit on the optional bonus target, they will earn an extra ticket.
–But, BE CAREFUL going after bonus tickets! If the other duelist puts their popper down before you, whether they went after bonus tickets or not, they will win and you’ll walk away with nothin’!

Maximum possible tickets for a win on Five Plate Stud is FOUR POINTS.

Now, on to our side-match – “Quick Draw Blackjack!”

A true duelist’s game with an added twist!

Two competitors, one at a time, on the cue of the shot clock, will draw – point – and fire one shot at a single steel target.

The fastest shooter out of the holster and on target will earn two red tickets for their win!

Keep in mind, only solid hits on target can count for a win, so if you miss, all the other guy has to do is hit the target to score a win!

Now, did we mention bonus tickets earlier on? We sure did and Quick Draw Blackjack is no exception!

Before both competitors shoot, the Range Officer, or “Dealer” in our case, will roll a pair of dice to establish the “House Time.”

–Each dot on the dice is worth one tenth on a second. These tenths on a second will be added to a one second house time to beat.

–A pair of ones, or “Snake Eyes” equals a 1.2 second house time.

–A pair of sixes, or “Box Cars” equals 2.2 seconds which is a bust over 21, so you go back to a 1.2 second house time to beat.

–The ideal roll in this game is a five and a six to max out at a 2.1 second house time. Draw – point and hit the steel faster than the other guy AND beat the house time, and you’ll earn an extra ticket.

–Max tickets for Quick Draw Blackjack is Three Tickets.

Now, to keep things fair, Competitors will be split into two divisions:

Optics & Irons.

We will place you into a division when you arrive for range day.

Competitors running Iron Sights may compete in both divisions, but only shooters running Optics can compete with other Optic Competitors. We’re not gonna have any males competing in female sports, so-to-speak!

The winning competitor from each division will be awarded a $100 cash prize!

In order to guarantee your slot for this event, we encourage early registration on our website, Early registration is active now for only $40 per shooter until June 1st. After June 1st, prices will increase, so register early!

You can also view the full event description, safety rules and ammunition restrictions on the event page as well.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out to us by texting or calling 304-885-9030 or by emailing us at

  • So don’t forget to invite your friends and mark your calendars! Mark your phones! Mark your InstaBooks!
  • The Gambler’s Steel Match at 10-X Freedom Range in Berkeley Springs West Virginia on Saturday June 22nd, 2024 is something you surely won’t want to miss out on!
  • See you there!

Entry - Competitors (Online registration before June 1st): $40.00
Entry - Competitors (Online registration after June 1st): $45.00
Entry - Competitors (At the Gate): $50.00 cash only.
Entry - Spectators: $15.00
Children & Minors: aged 10-17 are free.
With your competitor entry fee, you will receive 20 white tickets to use to buy-in to each duel you shoot. 

WHEN? – Saturday June 22nd, 2024

  • Shooter check-in @ 9:00am
  • Range Hot @ 10:00am
  • Cease Fire by 4:00pm
  • Participants can arrive and leave the match at any time - But winners MUST be present at the end of the day to defend their title!

WHERE? – 10-X  Freedom Range,  
                    12040 Valley Rd.  
                    Berkeley Springs, WV

WHO IS WELCOME TO ATTEND?Everyone is welcome to attend the event –

  • Shooters must be a minimum of 18 years old to compete.
  • Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend for a reduced entry fee.
  • Children under 10-17 must be able to safely wear and effectively use appropriate safety equipment (side-wrap eye & ear protection). Children under 10 are not permitted to attend.


ALWAYS keep firearms pointed in a safe direction,
ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, and,
ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until instructed to do so.

FIREARMSMust be in safe working condition. 

  • PCC's (Pistol Caliber Carbines) are NOT permitted for use in this event.
  • Firearms must utilize some sort of traditional sight system (iron sights, red dot or magnified optics). The use of laser beam sighting systems only is not permitted.
  • Modifications must be safe, legal and attached to the firearm using appropriate means designated by the manufacturer.


  • Minimum Caliber 9x19mm in order to ensure that the falling targets fall properly.
  • The following calibers are not permitted for use:
    • Anything with a power factor greater than .357 Magnum,
    • Any & All centerfire Rifle Calibers or Cartridges
    • Any other Caliber that may create unsafe shooting conditions or cause damage to targets or target stands/ equipment.
    • If you're not sure, please reach out!

COLD RANGE – This event is operated on a completely “Cold Range” meaning that all competitor’s firearms must remain holstered and unloaded (Empty Cylinder or, Empty Chamber & No Magazine Inserted) for the duration of the event.

GUN CASES – Shooters will not be drawing from the holster to engage targets, so there is no requirement that shooters wear a holster, however, if you are not wearing a holster, you will need an enclosed case for your firearm in order to bring it to the line and walk away from the line before and after competing.

HOLSTERS – For shooters who wish to carry their gun in a holster, holsters must be of good quality and must meet a few simple requirements.

  • May be constructed of leather, kydex or nylon.
    • Holsters must attach securely to the belt and may not permit the firearm to rotate or swing, causing it to have the potential fall out.
    • Holsters made of any other unconventional material may only be permitted for use on a case-by-case basis.
    • Any holster that does not securely attach to a participant’s belt or belt/leg combination are not permitted for use.
    • Non-permitted holsters may include but are not limited to, belly bands, hip packs, fanny packs, back packs, clothing pockets, purses, ccw purses, chest rigs, chest carriers, body armor, tactical chest rigs, tactical chest carriers, shoulder holsters, flash bang holsters, or any other holster system deemed unsafe for use.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT – Must be in safe working condition.

  • Participants and spectators are required to wear eye and ear protection at all times while on the firing range. 
  • Eye protection MUST offer frontal and side protection to mitigate chances of shrapnal or ricochets from steel plates striking the eyes from front or sides.
  • Ear protection may be foam ear plugs, ear muffs or electronic muffs/plugs. 

Determined at checkout.